Privalia Immobilier SA was established in 2011 by Michael and Christophe Ortiz and is a family business providing property development management, brokerage, valuation and property consultancy. Privalia Immobilier is run by a responsive and dynamic team of young professionals and perfectly combines a love of achievement, skill and elegance to provide an excellent service to its clients.

The company is based on both innovation and respect for the traditions of the profession, and manages to reconcile these two approaches through comprehensive and skilled use of new technologies. With the addition of its dependable know-how and commitment, it stands out due to its use of well-targeted and innovative marketing concepts. Privalia Immobilier is a company on a human scale that likes to get to the very heart of your requirements and as close as possible to your aspirations, by managing your project with care, expertise and transparency.

Ambitious, independent and with a wide and solid network of contacts, the company is also concerned with ecological issues and sustainable development. It is by adopting a steady line of conduct, both in-house and in its choice of partners and service providers, that Privalia Immobilier sets its objective of continuous improvement. The team will offer you an individual approach, listen attentively to your needs and be available to meet them, in order to aim for its target of excellence.



Privalia Immobilier - Pour la vie. For life.




Switzerland is a federal state formed of 26 cantons that was founded in 1848 and is certainly one of the most popular destinations in the world for business and for quality of its lifestyle. The Swiss Confederation is distinguished by the fact that it has four official national languages each belonging to a different part of the country: German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Italian-speaking Switzerland, which includes part of the Grisons region. It is in this region that are found the 60,000 people who speak the fourth official language, Romansch.

Although each part has its own culture and traditions, the main characteristic of the country is that its people are united and live as one despite their differences. Known worldwide for its legendary mountains, home to some of the most famous ski resorts in the world (Gstaad, Zermatt and Saint Moritz), Switzerland has an enviable natural environment. The country is dotted with magnificent lakes (Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Maggiore, Lake Constance) and idyllic valleys (Rhône Valley, Joux Valley), but also has large cities such as Zurich, Basle, Geneva, Lausanne and the capital Bern. 

Education and training are considered to be very important in Switzerland and there are ten cantonal universities, five in the German-speaking region, four in the French-speaking region and one in Ticino (or one in the italian-speaking region). There are also two federal institutes of technology, ETH in Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne, which are ranked among the best technical universities in Europe. An advantageous tax system and a strong currency (the Swiss franc) make the Swiss Confederation an economically viable and internationally respected nation, which is a good place to set up a business or invest money.

Of course it is impossible to talk about Switzerland without mentioning its two major economic and political characteristics – banking secrecy and neutrality. The combination of these two assets make the country a place conducive to both financial investments and to leading a peaceful life where luxury and simplicity go hand in hand with culture and tradition.





Privalia Immobilier is based in Carouge, in the canton of Geneva. Calvin's city is the main city in French-speaking Switzerland and is ideally situated at the far end of Lake Geneva. Above all it is a cosmopolitan city, recognised as being a unique hub of ideas, trade and negotiations. Geneva is also known as much for its many banks as for its prestigious watchmaking and jewellery companies. It is a city of luxury and innovation, dedicated to excellence.

Geneva is home to the headquarters of the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross and is also a synonym for peace and social progress with its twenty-three international and two hundred and fifty non-governmental organisations. The city is a place of openness and communication and has an intellectual influence internationally, which is the fruit of its rich cultural mix. In fact, the wide range of private schools on offer and the very high rate of foreign university students (38%) perfectly reflect this idea of complete openness, resulting in a first rate academic centre. The Arts also play an important role in Geneva.

With its theatres and museums, the city boasts some internationally renowned buildings, dedicated to contemporary art (MAMCO), opera (Grand Théâtre) or to dramatic art and other multidisciplinary projects (Grütli, Comédie de Genève). Geneva is the most popular tourist destination in Switzerland but could not pride itself on being a world centre without having a travel network on an international scale. This is the case thanks to Geneva International Airport (flights to 130 destinations) and Cornavin train station (18.25 million passengers every year).

Situated close to the Alps and Jura mountains, with its beautiful old town, many parks and numerous hotels (13,000 rooms) and constantly alive with various events and festivals, the city has always been a popular destination for travellers from all walks of life. In conclusion, this canton has so much to offer that Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Horace-Bénédict de Saussure were not mistaken when they sung the praises of their native city. As the perfect place for business and with its high quality of life, Geneva is the ideal environment in which to complete your projects successfully and realise your aspirations.